At Making A Difference Landscaping Inc., our mission is to ensure all our clients are well taken care of and proud of their environment. By creating and maintaining superior exterior spaces in the Calgary and surrounding areas, we set ourselves to be known for our quality, integrity, reliability, strong communication, and pride.

Through our dependable and knowledgeable staff, our secure fleet size, and our company-wide dedication to quality, safety and pride, we have provided Calgary with year-round commercial and residential landscape services for the past 8 years.

Working closely with our clients to achieve their dream visions, Making A Difference Landscaping Calgary produces amazing landscape projects on time and within budget.


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Dear MAD,

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and your staff for continuing to do such a great job with our Calgary landscaping services.

We have worked with a few landscaping companies in the past and Making a Difference Landscaping Calgary is by far the best service provider for our location.

Yours Truly,
Darynn Morey
Connelly & Company Management Ltd


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Increase your real estate value with landscaping

Factors like location, design, and construction finishing are incredibly important when it comes to assessing a property’s value. However, all of these factors could greatly benefit from a great presentation. A good landscape design with adequate maintenance can transform the perceived value of a property. Whether it’s homes, businesses, or even shopping centers, Calgary landscaping services have been known to increase a property’s perceived value to up to 15%.
A property’s landscape design is the one component that provides the first visual impact and positive first impression on a place. A proof of this is how similar properties in the same neighborhood can be sold at different prices depending on the first impressions created from either a great landscape design or a lack thereof. In a leveled field, it won’t matter if you have done everything possible to add value to your house, you can modernize the kitchen, change the roof, or remodel the main bathroom, in a market full of supply your house will be just another one.
Therefore, if you are trying to sell your house or property, you can begin to stand out from the competition by just starting to work on a nice and functional landscape design to the exterior of your home. There are very simple ways to make your home’s landscape work to help you sell it. For example, you can start with small things like making sure that the front pavement of your house is smooth, uniform, free of weeds, with good paint and good lighting; in other words, a comfortable and easy entrance can help create the impression that your house is well maintained. But is this enough to distinguish your house from your competitor’s?
If you want to gain the edge that landscaping can add to your home’s value it may be time to consider redesigning the exterior space of your home; because a well-placed tree and some flowering shrubs, can frame your house, and connect it with the environment. Strategic vegetation adds color, shape, texture, aromas, and life. It gives character to your home, creating a marked change throughout the seasons.
So how do you go about creating this for yourself? Take advantage of what you have. But don’t do it by planting grass and some trees; do it well. Call someone who understands the subject, a Calgary landscaping professional that can help you draft your ideas into reality. Have a long talk with this professional landscaper, explain that you want to enjoy your home now, but you also want to provide value in case you one day decide to sell it.
If you do want to do landscaping just to sell your house, you have to understand that the kind of landscape design that can speak volumes takes time and dedication. In order to create a unique natural atmosphere that creates a long lasting positive impression of your house, plants need to be given time to grow with the house and adapt to their environment. This type of result requires patience, dedication, and most of all maintenance, which will definitely come into conflict if you need to sell your house right away. Think about the correct time to call a Calgary landscaping service, explain if you need maintenance services or not, what you want to do in the garden and when.
As experts in lawn maintenance and other landscaping services, at Making A Difference Landscaping, we understand your need to recreate your home’s exterior, so let us help you with your landscaping vision. Give one of our specialists a call today and see the difference we offer.