Our Vision

Our vision is to invoke pride in the community by creating beautiful spaces. We also engage by giving back to the community. We are currently working along side Home Space in helping our community to support vulnerable Calgarians. Our goal is to create a culture of giving back, allowing us to establish trust, innovation, camaraderie, and engagement within our company, and enabling our business, our employees, our clients, and our community to thrive.
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Our Story

In 2010, president and founder of Making a Difference Landscaping, Richard Lefebvre, walked down a street in Brazil and noticed a group of excited children. As he rounded the corner, he saw the children holding a piece of cardboard big enough for all of them to sleep on. From that moment, Richard decided he had a lot to give back to the world.


Upon returning to Calgary, Richard began Making a Difference Landscaping. His vision for MAD was to provide a service to enhance natural beauty to help invoke pride in our local community. The vision has extended to all MAD staff as we make a difference in both local and international communities. MAD is currently giving back to communities in Calgary through school programs, church organizations, and volunteering with soup kitchens in the area. Our goal is to enhance the quality of life and bring joy to all people.

Our Team

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Richard Lefebvre

President and Founder of
Making a Difference Landscaping

We are Built on a Solid Foundation

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Not only do we take pride in what we do, but we also clearly communicate our actions and intentions to ensure everyone has a clear understanding of the tasks at hand. We take the initiative by delivering weekly property reports and keeping clients up to date on their projects. As our company continues to grow, we are continually developing new systems that allow us to work and communicate more efficiently so we can continue to provide high-quality professional services at competitive prices. The structure of our company holds everyone accountable. We remain true to our values, and we actively look for ways to improve and become better. To demonstrate our commitment to safety and quality, we seek out certifications that show the pride we take in our work and the care that we have for our staff and our customers.