The Cost of Landscaping a Front Yard

The cost of landscaping in Calgary is often a variable amount. There are many reasons for this, but three main factors bear the most consideration. These factors are the type of landscaping services, the size of the project and the company performing the work. Below, we look at each of these factors in more detail, so make sure you read through to get all the necessary information!

Front Yard Landscaping Cost Considerations


The Company Doing the Work

The first factor to consider is the company doing the work. Every company has different overhead costs that affect their rates, such as the experience of the workers, the quality of their equipment or the cost of owning and operating a physical location. Remember, the cheapest landscaping in Calgary, and the most expensive, are both poor options. Instead, find a company you trust to do the job right, and base your decision on the quality of the work rather than the price.  

The Landscaping Services Requested

Much like every landscaping company is different, so too is every house different. What your front yard needs to look beautiful and complete could vary wildly from even your next-door neighbour. Choosing the right services for your property should be done in consultation with your chosen company, and prices will fluctuate based on your need for power raking, aerating, vegetation trimming and other relevant services. 

The Size and Complexity of Your Yard

The size and complexity of your yard will help determine the overall cost of your Calgary landscaping. In the same way that you can expect the price to go up if you include your backyard in the service, you can also expect the cost to decrease if services are seasonal or simple. 

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