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During spring and winter, the water consumption of most houses in Calgary increase to almost fifty percent because of outdoor watering maintenance activities. Because of this fact, many people always look for ways to work around the expenses of keeping a pristine lawn. The first question that always seems to rise when it comes to watering is knowing exactly how much water is needed in order to effectively water your plants. The answer to this question is more than just a quantifiable answer, it is actually a qualitative answer. The truth of the matter is that the amount to water your plants need highly depends on factors such as plant species, where the plant is planted, amount of sunlight it receives daily, weather conditions, etc.

In other words, the more appropriate question to ask is, how do I effectively water my lawn without any unnecessary waste? From timing to actual methods, these helpful tips will show you how to minimize your water expenses while maximizing the beneficial effect that watering has in your yard or garden.

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Know your plants

Understanding the intrinsic characteristics of specific plant species can determine the amount of water each plant’s need. Any landscape designer worth their salt will suggest for you to try to stick with native species, the reasoning behind this is that native plants are genetically adapted to Calgary’s ever-changing climate as well as high-altitude, whereas imported plants, even if they have been cultivated here for many years, will struggle more to adapt with only natural rainfall. Once you know your plants’ species, you will know where they typically grow, and the amount of water they typically require. If your garden/yard consists of more than one species, a good hack would be to group plants with similar water requirements to prevent any overwatering/underwatering.

Timing is everything

It’s not the amount of water that guarantees a green, healthy looking, plant, it’s the timing when it is being watered. If you water your plants anytime between 11 am and 3 pm then more than 50% of the water is being evaporated before it even hits the ground, making this time window completely inefficient and expensive. The ideal time to water your yard/plants is dawn. At dawn your plants are the calmest, sunlight has yet to reach its peak (considerably cutting losses to evaporation), and the overall ambiance is cool. One could argue that dusk also has those qualities, however, if you choose to water your plants at dusk you’re inviting fungus and bacteria into your yard seeing as plants don’t use up the water overnight.

If you must use a sprinkler, use a timer

When using a sprinkler, a lot of the water is lost by evaporation, making the sprinkler work for longer periods of time and eventually wasting water. If you must use a sprinkler, then a timer can be set before you leave the house in the morning, that way you won’t forget to water your plants and you make sure that your plants are being watered at the correct time of day. Another important tip regarding sprinklers is to remember to aim them properly, water that ends on up your driveway and sidewalk is wasted water.

Rain Barrels are your friend

Be ecological about it. Mother nature can help you water your plants and save money at the same time when you’re collecting rainwater. There are many different designs of rain barrels that can complement the look of your yard in an unobtrusive way.

Water roots, not plants

Roots are the only part in plants that collect the water. When you water leaves and stems the water stays on the surface but does not go to where it is supposed to. Instead, the moisture build-up can create a perfect environment for bacteria and fungus to grow. Mulching beds help in keeping the soil from overheating as well as prevents water evaporation.
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