How Much Does Landscaping Cost In Calgary?

Although we are entering into the colder part of the year, now is actually the ideal time to start planning for the spring and summer seasons. As we all huddle inside, away from the chilly temperatures and cold conditions, we can take the extra time to plan on our dream landscaping in Calgary changes.

However, all good planning should include prices and cost expectations. Below, we look at what factors will influence the pricing for your Calgary landscaping.

The Factors Affecting Calgary Landscaping


The Type of Landscaping You Want

The type of landscaping you want will play a significant role in the cost. For example, if you simply want to aerate your lawn and de-weed your gardens, the price will not be excessive. However, if you plant several trees, replace your walking paths and install solar lighting features, the cost will increase.

The Company Performing the Work

The company performing the work will also play a pivotal part in your overall price. Using an inexpensive business might seem like the right choice in the short term, but having to fix their work routinely can force you to assume a substantial cost burden or make tough decisions about what you can afford to maintain. 

In a similar sense, if the landscaping company you choose has a lot of overhead and expensive equipment to maintain, you may end up paying extra for a similar level of service. Ultimately, your best decision is to inquire with multiple companies and make an informed decision.

The Current Condition of Your Property

Finally, the current condition of your property may also influence the price of your landscaping services. If you are trying to flip an old or dilapidated home with overgrown grass, bushes and tree roots that may have spread throughout the property, you can face a significant cost to restore it to glory.

How to Get the Best Deal for Landscaping in Calgary

When it comes to the cost of landscaping in Calgary, there is one way that trumps all else for determining the cost. Simply give us a call at Making a Difference Landscaping inc. We have friendly and professional staff who would love to offer you quotes and advice about the best way to get started on your landscaping dreams. Otherwise, make sure to consider these factors for your future projects!

At Making a Difference Landscaping inc. we understand the importance of creating spaces that resonate with our clients. If you want us to help you achieve your landscaping vision or provide quality maintenance to your hard work’s results, please don’t hesitate to give one of our specialists in Calgary a call to discuss any of your questions.

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