How to Landscape Your Front Yard

The most beautiful landscaping in Calgary is the home that looks great and feels interesting to look at. Achieving this goal, however, can take more than a few tries and a lot of patience. But for the front yard, in particular, it is essential to start the process early. 

Below we look at some of the most common advice to start you on the right path to achieving a wonderful and lush front yard.

 Landscaping Design Tips & Tricks


Don’t force a single feature

Although a great feature can have lasting appeal, like a fountain or tree, it can also affect your yard’s entire look. Therefore it is essential to look at the layout of your lawn and choose a design that fits its natural contours.

Don’t purposely lengthen your walkway

Walkways are a central area for provocative and interesting design, but that does not mean you should purposely lengthen it for aesthetics!

Don’t use opposing landscape techniques

Your Calgary landscaping should follow a consistent pattern and theme. So, if you want to have a wild and unmanaged look, perhaps it is better to leave it in the backyard oasis. Or vice versa, but consider your curb appeal for maximum results.

Do keep your entrance clear

The entrance to your home should be warm and inviting, and your landscaping design will play a critical role in achieving that look. Make sure guests and on-lookers can see a clear path and keep overgrown shrubs away from the perimeter. 

Put in a flowering tree

Flowering trees look gorgeous for the few short weeks that they bloom in the summer. For a simple design that makes a big splash, just one of these can have a hugely positive impact.

Do Use the surrounding area to select foliage and plants

Remember that your local surroundings are the perfect source material for your garden and planting dreams. Take cues from other homes and the natural landscape to inform your landscaping decisions for plants that will look great and last throughout the changing seasons.

Your Source for Calgary Landscaping

Hopefully, you have found some inspiring and interesting ideas for your own lawn in the coming spring season. For help sourcing materials, designing to your lawn’s contours, and the actual gardening, trust the experts at Making a Difference Landscaping inc.! We look forward to hearing from you soon.

At Making a Difference Landscaping inc. we understand the importance of creating spaces that resonate with our clients. If you want us to help you achieve your landscaping vision or provide quality maintenance to your hard work’s results, please don’t hesitate to give one of our specialists in Calgary a call to discuss any of your questions.

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