Landscape Construction
Services in Calgary

Making a Difference Landscaping Inc. is all about making a difference in the lives of our clients and the public. Landscape construction involves creating beautiful, serene, and functional exterior spaces. Since 2011, we’ve been working with communities, municipalities, and other commercial clients to enhance the outdoors with pergolas, pathways, paving stones, and more.

landscape construction Calgary - asphalt services
Asphalt services include maintaining, paving, repairing, and patching. Asphalt is a common choice for commercial pavement due to its durability, cost-efficiency, and other benefits.
landscape construction Calgary -irrigation
Sprinkler and irrigation system installation can save time and money and ensure grass, trees, and other plants receive consistent and proper moisture.
landscape construction Calgary -retaining walls
Retaining walls are not only aesthetic in nature but are also a matter of safety. Retaining walls keep soil in place, stabilize sloping, and help prevent flooding.
landscape construction Calgary - interlocking paved stones
Interlocking paving stones are a low maintenance landscaping option, reducing water runoff because of their permeable surface.
landscape construction Calgary - site grading
Grading and levelling a surface is an essential step in preparing an area for a structural foundation, landscape, or garden to ensure proper drainage and a solid base.
landscape construction Calgary - excavation
Excavation may be necessary to improve or prepare an area for landscaping. Excavation involves digging and removing debris to prepare a site for construction.
landscape construction Calgary - sod installation
Professional sod installation involves proper preparation of the ground, which begins several weeks before laying the sod itself.
landscape construction Calgary
Pergolas have an open roof design, designed to filter light while patio covers have solid roofs to protect against the elements. Both offer a beautiful aesthetic.

Creating Masterpieces. Building Trust.

We don’t just mow lawns; we create masterpieces. When it comes to landscape construction in Calgary, MAD Landscaping is the name you can trust. We pride ourselves on going the extra mile with our clients, keeping you informed and up to date with the progress of your project. Whether we’re installing a retaining wall or an irrigation system, we maintain a commitment to quality and, above all, safety.

Our Results

Pride in our work is a pillar of our company. We find great pleasure in producing beautiful projects for our clients to enjoy.

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All-In-One Landscape
Construction in Calgary

Whether you’re a property manager or a business owner, we understand that managing multiple projects and contractors at one time can become complicated and overwhelming. We’re committed to providing all-in-one commercial landscaping, which means that you only have to hire one company to design your greenspace, install irrigation systems, construct flower beds, and perform maintenance year-round. We are also known as one of the top concrete companies in Calgary. Parks and greenspaces define modern cityscapes, and concrete-cast structures often play a significant role in bringing out the character of the area.

What Sets Us Apart

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Comprehensive Services & Year-round Support

Our services include everything from snow removal to lawn care, exterior design, construction, and maintenance. Hire one company to take care of your property this year, with trusted results and service.

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Professional Team-members & Open Communication

We have extensive experience in our industry. Our fully-uniformed team is courteous, personable and passionate about what they do. We prioritize open communication and accountability.

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Commitment to Quality & Pride in our Work

We build trust with our clients by delivering excellence every time. Our team of hard-working individuals are passionate about making a difference in the community and for your property.

landscaping companies Calgary - giving back

Culture of Giving Back & Helping Communities

We seek to enhance the quality of life and bring joy to all people. We’re committed to investing our time, money, and other resources to supporting both the local and global communities.

Commercial vs. Residential

While we specialize in commercial landscape construction in Calgary, we also perform some residential developments. We can design your property and beautify it with gardens, water features, retaining walls, decks, fences, pergolas, patios, and more. One of the most significant differences between residential and commercial construction is a matter of personal preference. Commercial settings need to be enjoyable for the general public and are thus more simple. Residential scapes are where we can truly let our creative side shine through. We work closely with residential clients to ensure we’re making a masterpiece that represents their personality and style.


Yes. We are fully insured with a $5 million liability and property damage insurance policy. 

Landscape construction can include a myriad of services, but we specialize in retaining wall construction, irrigation service and maintenance, patio and deck construction, sod and tree installation, and excavation and asphalt services. 

We work mainly on larger commercial projects in the city, but we also perform landscape construction on some of the larger homes and acreages around Calgary.

Our Process

Complimentary Consultation
Contact us for a quote or book a complimentary consultation with a member of our team. We take the time to listen to your needs and provide solution-based recommendations.
Select Landscaping Services
We offer several different services. As landscape designers and maintenance professionals, we can help you decide which services will be most beneficial for your property.
One-Time or Ongoing Services
Your job may be a one-time project or require ongoing work throughout the season. Regardless of what we do, we log every service visit and communicate openly about the work completed.
Follow-Up & Customer Satisfaction
Your satisfaction is a priority for us, and reaching out to follow-up is part of our commitment to transparency. We’d love to hear your feedback about our work, including opportunities for improvement.