General Landscape &
Design Services in Calgary

Our commercial work is on display in several communities around the city. We are prepared to offer a full range of landscape design and general lawn care services. From interior gardens to front entrances, green spaces, and recreational areas, our services are guaranteed to complement the style and functional needs of your business or community. Our Calgary landscape designers can help you maintain a clean, professional and welcoming outdoor space.

landscaping design Calgary - hedge trimming
Hedge trimming is vital to the health of shrubs, bushes, and hedges, ensuring sufficient density and optimizing future growth.
landscaping design Calgary - tree pruning
Pruning involves removing dead branches from trees, allowing them to benefit from increased sun exposure and promoting the growth of new, healthy branches.
landscaping design Calgary - gardening
Gardening can be a messy job, but it is crucial to maintaining the clean and manicured appearance of flower beds and gardens.
landscape construction Calgary - landscape-design
It takes a professional eye to determine the best way to maximize outdoor spaces. Landscape design involves careful planning and creativity.
landscaping design Calgary - lawn fertilization
There are several benefits to lawn fertilization, including improved overall growth, soil protection, disease resistance, weed reduction, and more.
landscaping design Calgary - weed spray
Weeds can make a beautiful green space much less appealing. Weed spraying is a safe, sustainable, and cost-effective way of controlling the appearance of lawns.
landscaping design Calgary - aeration
Turf aeration offers several benefits to grass and soil, including improved air exchange and fertilizer uptake, stronger roots, and reduced soil compaction.
landscaping design Calgary - power raking
Power raking is best performed in the early spring to remove dead debris that accumulates over the winter months. Power raking promotes healthy new growth.
landscaping design Calgary - overseeding
Overseeding is best performed in the fall, right before winter, to promote thick and healthy growth and defend against weeds.
landscaping design Calgary - irrigation
Sprinkler and irrigation system installation can save time and money and ensure grass, trees, and other plants receive consistent and proper moisture.
landscaping design Calgary - line painting
Parking lot lines are a matter of safety. Faded or cracking lines can cause confusion, while freshly painted lines improve a customer’s experience.
landscaping design Calgary - parking lot cleanup
Typically performed in the spring, but necessary at various points throughout the year, parking lot cleaning involves removing sand, gravel, and debris to ensure safety.
landscaping design Calgary - parkade cleaning
Parkade maintenance improves the safety and appearance of a parkade and helps prevent damage and deterioration over time.
landscaping design Calgary - turf management
Turf management is the practice of maintaining large spaces of natural or artificial grass, ensuring a pristine and manicured appearance at all times.

Make a Difference in Your Property

Landscape design in Calgary can make all the difference when it comes to visual appeal, property value, and overall safety and experience. We can make a real difference in the overall presentation of your property with impeccable design services, gardening, hedge trimming, fertilizing and more. After all, design is what transforms a grey cityscape into an outdoor oasis.

Our Results

Pride in our work is a pillar of our company. We find great pleasure in producing beautiful projects for our clients to enjoy.

Seasonal Services

spring landscaping companies Calgary


  • Aeration
  • Fertilization
  • Dethatching
  • Tree Pruning
  • Planting
  • Spring Cleanup

summer landscaping companies Calgary


  • Weed Spray
  • Overseeding
  • Fertilization
  • Gardening
  • Turf Management

autumn landscaping companies Calgary


  • Power Raking
  • Fall Fertilizer
  • Turf Management
  • Fall Cleanup

landscaping design Calgary
year-round landscape construction Calgary

Year-Round Landscape
Design Services in Calgary

We offer a comprehensive list of commercial landscaping services, ensuring a professional look all year long. We begin fertilizing and aerating in the early spring to ensure healthy turf and lush green grass for the entire summer. Other spring jobs include planting trees and flowers and applying pre-emergent herbicides to prevent summer weeds. During the summer, we meticulously maintain flower beds and green spaces with continued weed spraying, turf management, and overseeding. While some companies stop treatments at the end of the summer, we continue working into Autumn to ensure your grass, trees, and flower beds are properly prepped for winter and maintain a manicured look for as long as possible.

What Sets Us Apart

landscaping companies Calgary - comprehensive-services

Comprehensive Services & Year-round Support

Our services include everything from snow removal to lawn care, exterior design, construction, and maintenance. Hire one company to take care of your property this year, with trusted results and service.

professional landscaping companies Calgary

Professional Team-members & Open Communication

We have extensive experience in our industry. Our fully-uniformed team is courteous, personable and passionate about what they do. We prioritize open communication and accountability.

landscaping companies Calgary - commitment

Commitment to Quality & Pride in our Work

We build trust with our clients by delivering excellence every time. Our team of hard-working individuals are passionate about making a difference in the community and for your property.

landscaping companies Calgary - giving back

Culture of Giving Back & Helping Communities

We seek to enhance the quality of life and bring joy to all people. We’re committed to investing our time, money, and other resources to supporting both the local and global communities.

Increasing Property Value With Landscape Design in Calgary

Landscape design in Calgary is an excellent way to increase property value and improve public perception. We invite you to take advantage of our extensive list of services to enhance your outdoor setting. We aim to please our clients as well as their property tenants and patrons. Landscape design begins with analyzing, planning, and preparing the space, like a blank canvas. As deck builders and fence builders in Calgary, we then transform the space into a masterpiece, attending to every detail in the process. From new developments to reclaiming and rethinking established areas, our design professionals know how to make the most of any exterior.


First impressions go a long way. When it comes to commercial settings, design is a powerful marketing tool and, when done well, can influence the overall atmosphere of the building or complex. 

In Calgary, we experience much of the year in shades of brown, but year-round service can help to maintain beautiful, bright colours for as long as possible, and keep exteriors looking sharp, even when the snow comes.

Commercial landscaping involves careful space planning. We work closely with our clients to ensure we are bringing to life a setting that matches the brand and meshes well with the surrounding areas.

Our Process

Complimentary Consultation
Contact us for a quote or book a complimentary consultation with a member of our team. We take the time to listen to your needs and provide solution-based recommendations.
Select Landscaping Services
We offer several different services. As landscape designers and maintenance professionals, we can help you decide which services will be most beneficial for your property.
One-Time or Ongoing Services
Your job may be a one-time project or require ongoing work throughout the season. Regardless of what we do, we log every service visit and communicate openly about the work completed.
Follow-Up & Customer Satisfaction
Your satisfaction is a priority for us, and reaching out to follow-up is part of our commitment to transparency. We’d love to hear your feedback about our work, including opportunities for improvement.