Top Property Maintenance
Services in Calgary

As a commercial property maintenance and landscaping company, we offer the staff, fleet, equipment and expertise necessary to work on large-scale projects, including massive condominium complexes in Calgary’s suburban communities as well as downtown office buildings in the city’s core. We keep lawns, green spaces, and even parking lots and parkade structures looking pristine and properly maintained year-round. 

Property Maintenance Service - grass cutting

Grass cutting contributes to the look of a manicured lawn, helping to stimulate growth, reduce weeds, and keep the grass looking healthy and lush.

Property Maintenance Calgary - spring cleanup
Spring cleanups include clearing away leaves, branches, and debris. Power raking and aeration are often performed to prepare the grass for the season.
Property Maintenance Calgary - fall cleanup

A professional fall cleanup helps protect grass throughout the winter months. We prepare your lawn for the season ahead by clearing all leaves and strengthening your grass. The service may include overseeding, weed control, pruning, fertilizing, and more.

Property Maintenance Calgary - weed-trimming
Weed trimming is an integral part of lawn maintenance. It helps to ensure consistency in hard to reach areas such as the edge of driveways, sidewalks, and flower beds.
Property Maintenance Calgary - road marking
Parking lot lines are a matter of safety. Faded or cracking lines can cause confusion, while freshly painted lines improve a customer’s experience.
Property Maintenance Calgary - power sweeping
Power sweeping involves the use of specialized equipment to clear asphalt and concrete surfaces of gravel, dust, and other debris.
Property Maintenance Service - parkade cleaning
Parkade maintenance improves the safety and appearance of a parkade and helps prevent damage and deterioration over time.

Making a Great First Impression

Potential tenants, clients, and other professionals are evaluating and analyzing from the moment they drive up to the building. A well-maintained landscape can make a real difference in delivering a positive first impression and helping patrons regard the establishment with distinction. Even in the winter, we ensure safe and clear pathways with our snow removal services.

Our Results

Pride in our work is a pillar of our company. We find great pleasure in producing beautiful projects for our clients to enjoy.

Seasonal Services

spring landscaping companies Calgary


  • Spring Cleanup
  • Parkade Cleaning
  • Power Sweeping

summer landscaping companies Calgary


  • Grass Cutting
  • Weed Trimming
  • Line Painting

autumn landscaping companies Calgary


  • Grass Cutting
  • Weed Trimming
  • Fall Cleanup

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landscaping companies Calgary - exterior

The Importance of Property
Maintenance in Calgary

From newly developed communities and multi-family complexes to corporate campuses, retail spaces and industrial facilities, we provide premium property maintenance services. While some companies focus solely on turf management, we know that the entire exterior plays an important role in the public perception of an establishment. At MAD Landscaping, we offer parkade cleaning, line painting, power sweeping, and concrete repair services in addition to yard maintenance and landscape design in Calgary. When businesses, board members, city officials, and property managers become proactive about property maintenance, the result is often capital gain due to the increase in value and minimizing income loss due to decreased vacancy rates.

What Sets Us Apart

landscaping companies Calgary - comprehensive-services

Comprehensive Services & Year-round Support

Our services include everything from snow removal to lawn care, exterior design, construction, and maintenance. Hire one company to take care of your property this year, with trusted results and service.

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Professional Team-members & Open Communication

We have extensive experience in our industry. Our fully-uniformed team is courteous, personable and passionate about what they do. We prioritize open communication and accountability.

landscaping companies Calgary - commitment

Commitment to Quality & Pride in our Work

We build trust with our clients by delivering excellence every time. Our team of hard-working individuals are passionate about making a difference in the community and for your property.

landscaping companies Calgary - giving back

Culture of Giving Back & Helping Communities

We seek to enhance the quality of life and bring joy to all people. We’re committed to investing our time, money, and other resources to supporting both the local and global communities.

Tips For Property
Maintenance in Calgary

Our number one tip is to be proactive when it comes to property maintenance and commercial landscaping in Calgary. Buildings and exteriors can fall into disarray when not adequately cared for and managed by a team of professionals — being proactive means that less damage will show up over time, which will likely result in fewer tenant complaints and overall increased satisfaction. We also recommend hiring an all-inclusive property maintenance company as it can be daunting to add landscaping to an already never-ending list of tasks. With over a decade of experience, we’ve learned that the best approach to ongoing property maintenance is to be systematic, thorough, and to maintain open communication throughout the process, from start to finish.


We perform maintenance as often as necessary based on the time of year and the size of the property. During peak times, we will come at least once every two weeks.

We recommend year-round services to decrease the likelihood of things getting out of hand while we aren’t around. Spring clean-up, fall-cleanup, summer maintenance, and snow removal are all essential components in maintaining a manicured outdoor appearance.

We offer various packages based on the needs of our clients that will include all services necessary for the particular property.

Our Process

Complimentary Consultation
Contact us for a quote or book a complimentary consultation with a member of our team. We take the time to listen to your needs and provide solution-based recommendations.
Select Landscaping Services
We offer several different services. As landscape designers and maintenance professionals, we can help you decide which services will be most beneficial for your property.
One-Time or Ongoing Services
Your job may be a one-time project or require ongoing work throughout the season. Regardless of what we do, we log every service visit and communicate openly about the work completed.
Follow-Up & Customer Satisfaction
Your satisfaction is a priority for us, and reaching out to follow-up is part of our commitment to transparency. We’d love to hear your feedback about our work, including opportunities for improvement.