The Purpose of Retaining Walls

When it comes to landscaping design in Calgary, there are many different routes to follow. Some people choose to focus on garden beds and flowers, while others are more interested in creating beautiful, natural environments. For the latter group, a great tool for them to employ is the retaining wall.

Retaining walls go well with landscape construction and landscaping design in Calgary because they are highly customizable and also perform more than one function. Not to mention that they can create a natural rock wall, modern brick barrier and any number of other gorgeous styles. Get inspired for your own retaining walls with the ideas below!

The Purposes of Retaining Walls

Keeps Soil in Place

Garden beds can be made in any number of ways, but using Calgary landscaping design and retaining walls is one of the best options. The method allows you to accurately size your garden bed and give it a more decorative look at the same time. Plus, the durability of retaining walls means that you won’t have to worry about splitting or rebuilding any time in the near future.

Stabilizes Slopes

Retaining walls can also help stabilize slopes. This is particularly beneficial where there are steep slopes, but they can be used to great effect with gradual or irregular slopes as well. Their sturdy construction helps compact and solidify the sediment, creating a denser, more tightly packed structure.

Helps Prevent Flooding

For buildings near a waterfront, retaining walls can be the perfect protection against flooding. These are often specifically designed to handle river overflows and reduce the likelihood of your home or business flooding. 


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Retaining walls serve many functions, but that they can be aesthetically pleasing is just icing on the cake. To learn more about how to use retaining walls on your property, property maintenance in general, or to start your next landscaping project, contact us today!

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